I'm a multidiscipilinary designer.

I like technology, art and people.  I design both tangible and intangible services and products with measurable impact.
Engineering is the backbone of the method to my madness. 

I studied electrical engineering (B.S. at Purdue University and my M.S. at the University of Southern California), after which I worked on semiconductors (microcontrollers to be precise) in a really amazing technical marketing role, at Cypress Semiconductor in San Jose, CA  before returning to Pakistan to scratch my design itch, and need to figure out my Pakistaniness. 

Since moving back, I've taught electrical engineering at a university, run an electronic music radio show, made documentaries for the World Bank on public projects, won a TED Prize with two amazing friends, helped start an e-commerce company, head product management and UX at Pakistan's best venture-funded startups, and worked on art direction at an exclusive menswear brand. 

When there is so much broken in the world - be it the world of luxury fashion, or urban planning- I believe it's silly to box ourselves in by degree titles, social pedigrees and projections of self and others.

Studio Sapuri is my place on the web.