The Project.
I like drumming with my hands. Wanting to take it a step further than playing just Tablas or any other form of hand-percussion, this concept is basically a glove that puts the drumming surface onto the hand. instead of vice versa.

I've worked on several prototypes that take impact-sensing (the percussion) events and use them to trigger MIDI samples, with the messages being transmitted over open sound control (OSC), going from simple pressure sensors to force sensing resistors of varying physical profiles. We even tried making our own force sensing resistors from conductive fabric typically used in more mainstream wearables. 
The biggest impediment to rapidly prototyping hardware in Pakistan is the lack of easy access to these novel materials.  Ordering something from Sparkfun can be a nightmare because the more obscure the material I order, the more nosy the customs inspection becomes, many times locking things away for ever.

This is work in progress that I started with my student Wahaj Aslam, who is now doing  graduate work on cutting edge audio and media technologies at 
Fraunhofer IIS in Germany.